Tis The Season Week 3


Tis The Season Week 3


‘Tis the season for Christmas trees, traditions, baked goods and gifts…but for some it could be the season of loneliness and hardship. The truth is, getting through the holidays can be harder than we care to admit. So, how can this season become one of hope, peace, love and joy rather than stress and pain? Find out during our ‘Tis The Season series as we prepare ourselves for the Christmas season.


Doubts and Fears

Sermon Summary

In this sermon titled “Doubt and Fear” from the sermon series “Tis’ The Season,” Jake discusses doubts and fears during Christmas. He explores the complexity of emotions during the season and addresses skepticism about the supernatural aspects of the Christmas story. We look at Joseph’s journey of doubt and see that the presence of Jesus is more valuable than immediate explanations. He invites individuals to seek support from the church community for their burdens and struggles.


Share a memorable family Christmas moment you had growing up.

  1. What doubts and fears do you commonly experience during the Christmas season?

    What are some personal doubts or fears that you can address by trusting in God’s supernatural power?

  2. Read Matthew 1:18-19. In what ways might the supernatural stories in the Bible be difficult for you to believe?

    How can you grow in your understanding of these stories and strengthen your faith?

  3. In what ways might the familiarity of the Christmas story cause us to overlook its awe-inspiring nature?
    How can we approach the Christmas story with fresh eyes and a renewed appreciation for its profound message?

  4. Read Matthew 1:20-24. Why is it essential to remember that God’s presence is with us (Immanuel), especially during difficult seasons?

    What are some ways you can actively remind yourself and others of God’s presence during challenging times?

  5. How did Joseph’s reaction and obedience to the angel’s message change the course of Jesus’ birth story?

    Can you think of a time in your life when following God’s guidance changed the direction of your path? How did that impact your faith?

  6. How does the presence of Jesus in the Christmas story provide comfort and encouragement in the face of life’s challenges?

    Can you think of a time when you experienced the presence of Jesus during a difficult situation?

  7. Why is it important to have a community of support, like a church, during times of doubt and fear

    How can you actively participate in your church community to support others who may be struggling with doubt and fear?
wrap up | prayer
  • First, ask participants to share any prayer requests they may have.

  • Encourage participants to ask God to help them navigate the complex emotions that may arise during the holiday season, seeking His comfort and joy, even in the midst of loneliness or fear.

  • Pray for the ability to fully embrace the supernatural aspects of Christianity. Ask God to help expand your understanding and belief in His power, particularly in regard to the virgin birth and other miraculous events in the Bible.

  • Request God’s help in recognizing His presence in all situations, even when answers or explanations are not immediately evident. Ask for the faith to believe in His comfort and security, especially during times of doubt.

  • Seek God’s guidance in being a supportive community for each other, mirroring the grace and support of the church community as highlighted by Jake. Ask for opportunities to show love and care to those around, especially to those who may feel lonely or isolated during this Christmas season.