legacy seminars

unfinished legacy seminars

These workshops will help you with your unfinished commitment, setting up a will or trust, and provide resources for estate planning. Register for one or all. As an added bonus, once you register, you will receive a free “Estate Planning Guide” to help you map out your next steps. 

Trust And Wills Seminar

Everyone says you need a will or trust, but you don’t know where to start. Check out The Ultimate Family Plan – a one-hour seminar – to learn four steps to success. Then, request a free copy of our Estate Planning Guide that can help you gather the necessary information required for setting up your will or trust. These resources can be the catalyst to assuring you have provided for your family and the ministries you love.

Creative GenerOSITY

Giving can be joyfully creative—and tax-advantaged--especially when we include our non-cash assets like homes, businesses, equities and other illiquid assets. Learn more from this informative “Creative Generosity” Seminar .

Get Off That Powder Keg!

Sitting on a powder keg is unthinkably dangerous and we wouldn’t do it intentionally. But many today are in danger of “blowing up” their estate distribution desires and don’t even know it. This workshop will help you recognize and diffuse possible powder keg problems in your estate plans.

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