Giving from the Most Natural Place

Have you ever had the desire to plug your passions into helping the community that surrounds you, yet remained unsure on how to go about it? Have you had the gifting and resources to give to others and a heart longing to do so, yet no inclination of where to help? This is a story of one such volunteer who realized her natural capacity for connecting those in need with those in a position to fill those needs.

Nicole Coiner has always been well connected and had a heart for giving, but found her strengths to shine brightest when that natural ability to network with others began to intertwine with her overflowing heart for those with an increasing need in our society today: Orange County’s survivors of Human Trafficking.

Nicole was informed by Eastside’s Director of Local Compassion, Erica Sperrazzo, of the pressing needs of the survivors living at Salvation Army’s Safe Houses. As a result, Nicole wasted no time in jumping on her social media to request some back up in getting those resources donated.

By the grace of God and generosity of friends gathering from various parts of Nicole’s life, the contributions began to flood in–all for the benefit of these women now safe from the threats of being trafficked and living in these safe houses.

Donations including three laptops, weekly deliveries of fresh flowers for the survivors’ enjoyment, full-size toiletry items for their use and supplies for the installation of a healing garden were voluntarily granted. In addition to these tangible gifts, Nicole began to receive enthusiastic offers from individuals with personal skill sets to be contributed: one tutor in particular donated their time in assisting a 7-month pregnant, 15 year old survivor, as she works to pass the 8th grade successfully. Then two professionals in the medical field supplied their time and skills in explaining to this same young girl what she could expect from her first pregnancy and birth experience; a huge gift and comfort to her.

It’s incredible to think of what has transpired because of one woman’s boldness in connecting a melting pot of willing people from different backgrounds and denominations of faith to see change occur in her community. Her selflessness in seeing this mission through in personally picking up and delivering each gift given in love is such a testament to the body of Christ working as a whole for the betterment of humanity, and truly showcases the beautiful power of one such servant that chose to give out of the most natural place within her.