surviving an economic earthquake

Our team has created this resource for the Aftershock Series and we’d love to share it with you please click on the “Financial Resource” button below:
Everyone is aware of the effects of COVID-19 on our economy. We’re all bombarded with news of rising unemployment, increased medical bills, and small business struggles. Financial earthquakes are often unexpected and sudden. No one knows how long the current economic downturn will last. In this series we’ll look at 3 never changing principles to help you weather the storm and survive on the other side of this economic earthquake.
After$hock - week 1 message
november 8, 2020

Gene Appel

After$hock - week 2 message
november 15th, 2020

Gene Appel

After$hock - week 3 message
november 22, 2020

Gene Appel

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