Change Maker

Hidden Joy

When Cindy and Danny came across Eastside for the first time, they were amazed at how friendly everyone was. The big smiles and the heartfelt greetings made a big church feel amazingly small in just the blink of an eye. They couldn’t believe the energy and passion that was all around.

The Domino Affect of Love

The result was overwhelming as the same people who surround her on a daily basis at work jumped at the opportunity to serve! They worked together to supply every request on the list so that someone else’s needs would be filled last Christmas.

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Cindy’s Story

Cindy’s Story “It’s the shirts with turtlenecks, ya know, the ones that wrap around your neck? It’s those I still can’t wear.” Even though it’s been 14 years since leaving her abusive ex-husband, for Cindy there are particular prompts that even now give rise to recollections of terror during the years living under his control. …

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What do you think about when you hear that word?  CEOs?  Generals?  Politicians? One definition of leadership is simply influence.  To lead others is to influence them in a particular direction. And given that definition, we are all leaders.  We all influence others. We lead our coworkers when we spread rumors or refuse to gossip.  …

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Giving from the Most Natural Place

Have you ever had the desire to plug your passions into helping the community that surrounds you, yet remained unsure on how to go about it? Read on to hear how one woman made a world of difference by simply realizing her natural capacity for connecting those in need with those in a position to fill those needs. 

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Eastside has a Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Ministry

In the nearly three decades she’s worked with the deaf, both at church and as a professional interpreter in the school system, Nancy has gained deep insight. “The biggest struggle for the deaf is the lack of socialization with the hearing community. Isolation results when there is lack of communication with those who don’t know your language no matter what the language.”