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Isabel’s Story

VICTORY Child sponsorship saved this seven year old girl from an arranged marriage. The artist, Isabel Chavez, went on a mission trip to Kenya in 2017. This was one of her favorite moments from the trip. Isabel and a small group of Eastsiders had been visiting homes in the community, sharing the gospel. As they …

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healing after loss of a child

Healing After Loss Wondering about healing after loss or finding hope after tragedy. My parents, in 1964, took me, my older brother, Corey, and my younger brother, Kenny, out to the desert. We went off playing, us kids did, and my mom called us back. My older brother and I came running back, and my little brother …

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Freedom Isn’t Free

As a second generation military man, I know the sacrifice our service men, women, and their families make to secure the freedom we enjoy. The long hours, the stress and strain of military maneuvers, the constant moving around from duty station to duty station, and the deployments that last months or years at a time …

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Lost and Found

Confident and wise beyond her years, 20-year-old Desiree has a singular focus. Her heart is fixed on the 27 million people, many just little girls, in bondage by the evils of the international human sex trade.

Putting The Gun Down

There was a hole in the middle of the garage where his wife’s things used to be. He sat there with a gun in one hand and a bullet in the other. The only thing he could hear were the thoughts of failure and loss screaming in his mind.