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divorce care

Divorcecare Surviving The Holidays

divorcecare | surviving the holidays He left Thursday, September 9. I don’t remember very much about the first holiday season other than being mad, hurt, broken, and confused. My marriage

One Million Meals

Eastside Christian Church, along with Mission of Hope packed one million meals to help those struggling with food insecurity. Thank you to everyone that helped pack meals for those struggling

medical debt forgiveness

RIP Medical Debt

THE US MEDICAL DEBT CRISIS This year has been challenging for so many people and we wanted to spread a little hope this Christmas season!! Last year, about 75 million

God Leaves The 99

God leaves the 99 We had hit rock bottom and were both struggling with addiction and living in a hotel room. We were eating in a soup kitchen one Monday

getting plugged in

Getting Plugged In

GETTING PLUGGED IN… My boyfriend first invited me to Eastside during Easter of 2021. My first thought was boy it was HOT (I attended Eastside for the first time prior

Helping Ukraine Refugees

Helping Ukraine Refugees Eastside Partners With Samaritan’s Purse The world is shocked and horrified by the images of death and destruction coming out of Ukraine, a catastrophe we have

Hearing The Word Cancer

Hearing the word cancer…. About six years ago, Dani had severe pain in her jaw. She saw seven different dentists and three doctors, yet they all misdiagnosed her. During

A Place To Call Home

A place to call home Most likely you have never met or heard of Pancho, Griselda, and their two young children, Angel and Michelle. Yet, they know you. They know

outreach in Thailand ripple effect

Outreach In Thailand A Ripple Effect

Outreach in Thailand a ripple effect For nearly a decade, Eastside has been sending teams on global outreach trips to Thailand.  Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to

mother, boy, kid-6839033.jpg

Journey To Motherhood And Recovery

Journey to motherhood and recovery I first was invited to Eastside when I was in junior high by a classmate. I loved the people here. When I was in college

Follow The Meals To Baja Mexico

Eastside Christian Church packed and delivered 500,000 meals delivered locally and to an orphanage just across the border. Follow the meals to Baja Mexico Seven-year-old Pamela lives in an

Learning My True Identity

LEARNING MY TRUE IDENTITY *trigger warning – sexual assault and suicidal ideation* As a child, I was a victim of incest. I was never allowed to talk about it or

infertility birthed uniquely knitted

Infertility Birthed Uniquely Knitted

doug & jesse share their personal story and struggle with infertility In 2013, after trying for a year, Doug & Jesse were unable to get pregnant.  Jesse had a

I am a cycle breaker

What are you doing tomorrow? Wondering how someone gets inspired to say I am a cycle breaker.  Reggie was in a relationship and felt really broken that this relationship just

Reckless Love And ASL

What do reckless love and American Sign Language have to do with each other? Katie can tell you how for her, the two will always be inextricably intertwined. Katie talks

Isabel’s Story

VICTORY Child sponsorship saved this seven year old girl from an arranged marriage. The artist, Isabel Chavez, went on a mission trip to Kenya in 2017. This was one of

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