step 1

step 1

go deeper
Here’s how to be ready for Step 02 of Next Steps:


Set aside 30 minutes to reflect on your notes from the training for Step 01 and explore your answers to the following questions:

1 // Where did you put your X in Your Story? How do you feel about where you are at in your spiritual journey? What is the next significant step you need to take on your journey? Ask God to reveal that step and write it down here so that you can share it with your table next week in Step 02.
2 // When did God first become real to you? Go to and respond to a few short questions that will help you write your story, which you will have the chance to share with your table in Step 04.
3 // Review the Vision and Beliefs page on our website and return this week’s email with any questions you have.
4 // Download the Eastside app by visiting

As you watch, be sure to take notes and bring any questions you have to our next session. 

If your answer to this first assignment is leading you to be baptized, I cannot say how excited I am for you!! You will never regret surrendering your life to Christ…ever. If you are still contemplating this move, please visit to connect with our baptism team!