the pre-marriage course

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A wedding only lasts one day

but a marriage lasts a lifetime

Engaged and looking for premarital counseling or seeking answers to pre-marriage counseling questions. This is for couples who want a lasting and joy-filled marriage. Wondering if the person you are dating is your soulmate? This is a great time to build your communications and ask some difficult questions before you say “I Do.” 

Best of all, it isn’t just for couples who are engaged; we also recommend this for couples who are seriously dating. Recently married couples will also benefit from working through conflict resolution, financial issues and discover real solutions to prevent divorce. It is a great way to build your relationship on a healthy foundation and get relationship advice from other couples and mentors.  Please choose your option below to sign up and get more information.


"It was really fun to be able to do the homework together during the week and connect with other couples in the same season of life as us on the weekend. We learned about each other's love languages and how to talk about tough things like money and conflict resolution without sounding critical or complaining. We loved Hitched! We would totally recommend it!"

Amanda & David

“A friend who attended Eastside recommended we take this class. Both of us had been married before and we wanted this one to work. We really learned a lot about each other from taking Hitched. ”


young couple getting hitched
"We took this class when we were dating because we had a lot of family baggage.  This was a great place to learn to talk through things before we got engaged/ married. One of the best things I learned about Nathan during this class is how he genuinely is always asking how he can be better- he is never okay with staying stagnant in his growth".

Olivia & Nathan

couple just got hitched in an orange grove

 "We had just gotten engaged and wanted to take Hitched to learn more about each other.  We really appreciated the homework, getting to know other couples and also being able to ask questions from the mentor couples. ”

Ashlyn & RJ

make your relationship a priority

We care about families and we know what a difference this seminar can make in saving marriages before they even start.  You can learn more about Eastside at

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