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All of us have been gifted with special skills and abilities–how about you? Are you ready now to jump on a team that fits your SHAPE(Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experience) and serve others with a laser focus?

Micro Teams are teams made up of individuals that will specialize in most cases on one single focus, and will act as a smaller team that will either travel completely independently or will accompany a larger team but act independently of the larger team by focusing in one area. Nearly 30 new teams will be developed over the next few years, and be deployed around the world supporting our partners in ministry.  *The decision to form a team and travel will be based on a need shared by our global partners. These teams will train, strategize, fundraise, gather supplies and equipment all while forming a solid bond that will carry them to the four corners of the world serving and blessing people in every walk of life.  

medical micro team


Medical General Practitioner, Pediatrics, Wound Care, Obstetrician/Gynecologist/Midwifery, Dental, Optometry & Ophthalmology, and Nutrition. Would you love to use your skillset to serve our partner ministries around the world? Join one of our medical/dental/health Micro Teams!

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Eastside Compassion Trip to Thailand

EDUCATION micro team

Professionals with expertise in education, Occupational Therapy, Disabilities/Special Education, Youth Trauma, Human Trafficking and Family Rehabilitation & Restoration. Join a team who will set up clinics to help in areas of education, development and social work.


building & Business
Micro Team

Professionals with expertise and knowledge in areas of solar and renewable energy, construction, clean water, micro lending/saving groups, business internships & training and business as mission. You will travel to places like Africa, Thailand or South America to make a difference in remote villages.


ministry & leadership
Micro Team

Professionals with expertise and training in the areas of ministry and leadership including Marriage & Family Enrichment, Mens/Womens Ministry, International Eastside Multisite, Organizational Marketing (Video, Social, Design), Church Leadership & Development, Women In Leadership, Church Assimilation, Children & Youth Ministries and Worship, Tech & Church Production.


a great way to pray for our teams and get a behind-the-scenes look where we are unleashing compassion around the globe.

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