next steps

las vegas

Step 1 - connect
Oct 1 at 11am

Connect with Gene’s personal story, and Eastside’s unique story, all while discovering how pursuing God with us can impact your story.

Step 2 - community
Oct 9 at 11am

Join us for some fun, and uncover the power found in small group communities that seek to make friends, follow Jesus, and make a difference. 


Step 3 - change maker
Oct 16 at 11am

Discover specific ways you are uniquely shaped to impact others, then see how you can express that on a volunteer team of Change Makers that are impacting people’s lives.

Step 4 - compassion
Oct 23 at 11am

Explore how Eastsiders like you unleash compassion both locally and globally, changing the world one neighborhood at a time.

If you are joining us on campus your kids are welcome to stay in Kidside while you attend our Core Gatherings and Next Steps.

This is the best place to learn more about our vision is to transform our homes, community, and world by pursuing God, building community, and unleashing compassion one neighborhood at at time.

If you have more questions scroll to the bottom and click on “We’d love to answer your questions.”

we'd love to answer your questions