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Young Adults meet every wednesday
Cookies + Community is Every 3rd Wednesday

Cookies and Community is designed for individuals who are new to the community, have questions about getting involved, looking for how to join a group or step on to a team, or are not quite sure if this community is for them. It takes place every 3rd Wednesday after Young Adults Gathering and offers attendees the opportunity to enjoy tasty snacks, get to know the leaders of the group, and participate in a fun game. It is a good opportunity for those who are not quite sure if this community is for them to come and learn more about it and decide if they would like to take the next step in getting involved and joining a group or team.

  1. The event begins after Young Adults Gathering and lasts about an hour.
  2. The event is hosted in the student center south room.
  3.  Attendees do not need to bring anything, but they may want to bring questions or a friend.
  4. This event is typically hosted most 3rd Wednesdays of the month and usually attracts 20-30 new or unconnected young adults looking for community.
  5. Childcare is not provided.
  6. The event is complimentary for any young adults looking to find out more about this community and take their next step.
  7. Attendees can sign up as late as the night of the event. To register, click on the button below to email us.

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