fall retreat

WHEN: Friday, Sept. 2 - *Monday Sept. 5

WHERE: Hume Lake Christian Camp

WHO: college, post college, and young professionals (18-26 year olds)

*Optional Tuesday return available


The weekend is themed BREAKAWAY because we believe that when we pause God reveals himself in new fresh ways. We know that as a young adult two things are valuable. Time and a lack of money. This retreat is all included for just $60 till June 30th. Check out early bird registration schedule below:





Fall Retreat s a high-energy 3 or 4-night event at Hume Lakes flagship location in the Sequoia National Park. It’s structured specifically for young adults and is designed with fun experiences, options for solo or community time, powerful worship, sessions for spiritual growth, time to deepen relationships, teaching from God’s Word, and serving together as a community.

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Here are some frequently asked questions:

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  • Meals Friday night – Tuesday am
  • Night time snack + fire pits
  • Lake access
  • Boats
  • Beach cruisers
  • Sand volleyball
  • Pool access
  • High ropes course
  • And Fuel for drivers
  • Lake swimming, boating, sand volleyball, Sups
  • Pools, diving boards, deck, and coffee shop
  • High ropes course
  • Hiking 
  • Explore Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park
  • Epic road trip (5.5 hours with 3 of your friends)
    • Cabin
    • Bed 
    • Shower
    • Walking the lake.

Packing For a Weekend Away (Carry on Size Bag)
Days in the 80’s
Nights in the 40”

Sleeping Bag or Heavy Blanket

CLOTHING (nights are chilly, days are warm)
Warm Jacket/sweater
Bathing Suit/trunks (one piece for girls)
Closed toe shoes for serving/activities


Reusable Water bottle
Notebook + Writing Utensil
Phone Charger
Spending Cash/Card
Book for leisure reading
Board Game/Card Game
Hammock (optional)


Nestled in the middle of the Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park at Hume Lake Christian Camp.

Hume Lake Christian Camps
64144 Humelake Road
Hume CA 93628

Bunk bed Cabin. Bathrooms + Sleeping accommodations Note: the beds include a mattress. You will need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow. Cabins will be separated by gender. Will will try to honor at least 1 of your requests for housing too.
We have partnered with Hume Lake to help with an event they are hosting on Saturday from 8-3 called the country fair. We will serve various jobs from running a ticket booth, to making sandwiches, running kids games to cleaning up. Its really fun and part of the experience to serve alongside people in this community. 
We will be serving on Saturday and some on Sunday, stay flexible and open. Not everyone will be serving at that same time. When you are not serving you are are free to enjoy all the location and camp has to offer.
Date + Time:
Going to Hume:
Leaving Eastside Property.
Check in: 9am Sept 2nd @eastside
Leaving: 10am Sept 2rd From Eastside

Schedule for the weekend:

FRI ( Arrival + Orientation)
9:00am-9:30am Drivers Arrive
9:30am-10:30 Check in
11:00 am Leave
5:00-6:30 – Arrive/ check in at Welcome Center/Admin
5:00 -6:30pm – Dinner ( Ponderosa Dining)
7:45pm – Tour + Orientation (Deck by Pondy Dining – end at memorial)
9:30 pm – Breakout #1 in Pondy dining (fun+formational)

SAT ( Serving)
6:30 am – Early Morning Devo (lake) – Charles
7:30am – BreakFast ( cedar hall / up stairs + Assignment placement/questions)
8:00am-3:00pm (Serving for Fair)
12:00pm – Lunch
3:30 BB Tourney *** / Lake
5:30pm – Dinner ( Meadow Lawn)
6:30pm – Meeting ( Memorial Chapel)
9:00pm – Breakout #2(fun+formational)
11:00pm – Lights Out

Activity Options When Not Serving Sat
10:00am – Boat House Opens (Free)
1:00pm – Pool/Pond Open ( Free)
5:00pm – All Activities are Closed

SUN (Sabbath)
6:30am – Early Morning Devo – Rob
7:30am – BreakFast
9:00am – Morning Meeting ( Memorial Chapel)
10:00am – Boat House Opens
12:00pm – Lunch
1:00pm – Pool/Pond/Ropes (Free)
1:00pm- Volleyball Game Pond
3:30pm – HIke/Pool
5:00pm – Pool/Pond/Boats Closed
5:30pm – Dinner ( Ponderosa Dining)
6:30pm – Evening Meeting ( Memorial Chapel)
9:00 pm – Night Activity (Stars)
11:00pm – Lights Out

MON (Baptisms + Fun)
6:30am – Early Morning Devo – Kelly
7:30am – BreakFast
9:00am – Morning Meeting
10:00am – Boat House Opens (Free)
11:30am – Baptisms (Lake)
12:00pm – Lunch (early drivers)
1:00pm – Pool Open/ Ropes (Free)
3:00pm – Pool Closed/
3:00pm – Pond Open/ Lake (Free)
5:00pm – Boats Closed
5:30pm – Dinner ( Ponderosa Dining)
6:30pm – Evening Meeting (Victory Circle)
8:00pm – Late Crew Leave
8:30pm – Breakout #3 in pondy dining
11:00pm – Lights Out

TUE: (Clean and Leave)
7:30am – BreakFast
9:00am – Pack and Exit Cabins
10:00am – Head Home
5:00pm – Arrive at Eastside

286 miles one way about a 5-6 hour drive (might be a bit longer since its labor day weekend).

Yes, and if you’re willing to be a driver for others we will cover your gas.

Great question, we will have info meetings before we go where we will help you meet a few more people, we also will place you in a car for traveling which will give you time to meet someone new. 

We love to help people stay with people they know. When you register place the names of people you know are coming, or who you invited to sign up. We will try our best to honor your requests and make sure you get at least 1 of your people with you. 
There are lots of options to buy a new hoody, enjoy a burger, or grab a specialty coffee. These do cost extra, but your registration covers the cost for all meals from Friday night – when you leave the camp. The only extra money needed is for food on the way up or down.
Yes, black bears frequent the area. But you are in cabins with doors and locks. If you stay up late you will likely see a bear roaming near the boathouse.
When you fill out the form please indicate your restrictions, we are usually able to accommodate most things.
$60 till June 30th
$80 July 1-July31 
$120 Aug 1- Aug 27th
Registration closes Aug 27th
There will be a driver meeting in early Aug to discuss and answer questions. Each driver will need to provide proof of insurance, a clean driving record, and fill out our driver waiver. Drivers also are asked to arrive at check-in at 8:30am.
  • There is limited wifi plus no cell reception. There are landline phones to call once you arrive. Be prepared to keep your phone on but disconnected for the weekend.
  • The water at Hume is very drinkable, a reusable bottle is recommended and encouraged. You need 20% more water at elevation.
  • We are representing Jesus, Eastside, and our young adult community. Please be respectful and mindful over the weekend.
  • This weekend is for us to serve, connect, and refresh. There will be time for together activities, solo time, and free time. Take advantage of all the ways the weekend is created.

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