Free Meal At Bellflower

Eastside Christian Church

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Before you join us on a weekend you can meet our online community or check out our archive on demand at

free meal

Bring your family, and your friends for a meal at The Grill. Every first-time guest will receive a coupon for a free meal.

You're Invited

Watch this video for a personal invite from our Bellflower Campus Pastor, Marcos Garcia.

There is a place for you at Eastside. We believe that the love of God is for everyone and our goal is to be a place you feel seen, known, accepted, and loved. We are a diverse group of all ages, and we know it is okay to not be okay! If you are a skeptic, doubter or believer, we want you to feel at home when you come through our doors.

With great outdoor spaces to hang out, including lunch at our grill, come check it out and enjoy a meal on us. Just download the Free Grill Coupon and you’ll be set.

At The Movies
January Series

Sit back and immerse yourself in larger than life stories from the big screen. Each week we’ll discover powerful principles from Hollywood’s most impactful films and learn how to live our lives with meaning and purpose. Don't miss the free popcorn and photo ops!


We offer fantastic programs for your child to skip the lines please enter your child's information to pre-register for Kidside. We look forward to welcoming them this Sunday! For more info about our children's ministry go to


God is forging something great in the next generation here at Eastside. We meet on Sunday mornings at 10:30am. For more info about Students Ministries please click "more info" button below.

please let us know if we can help answer any questions!