disaster relief

With so many disasters both around the world and here in our community, we ask that you join us in praying for all that have been affected.

We are devastated with each piece of news we receive and acknowledge each heartbreaking loss. We are lifting up our partners in Mexico City, those with loved ones in Puerto Rico and those still rebuilding from hurricanes. From fires to earthquakes to tragic shootings we stand with each of you affected and pray for peace, strength, hope and provision. While no one community can help every person affected, with each disaster, we will seek to understand the needs, evaluate the resources we have available as a church and strategically partner the best ways we know how.

california wildfires

We are praying for all of those affected in the Canyon Fires that have affected so many Californians this year including the Anaheim Canyon Fire, Ventura/LA Fires, San Diego and Northern California. We are so thankful for the firefighters, police officers, and all the first responders involved.

We were blessed to be able to serve as donation center with the Anaheim Canyon Fires and partner with local organizations and the City of Anaheim to support those on the ground.

Because of Eastside giving we were able to send a substantial gift to a church we are connected with in Ventura to aid them in better serving those displaced in their community.

Las Vegas

We worked with individuals and families in our own community who were affected and traumatized by the terrible events in Las Vegas to bring support. Please join us in continuing to pray.

Hurricane Harvey

Because of your generosity, and in response to our partner’s request in Jacksonville, Florida, Eastside was able to send a small team of skilled labor to aid in Hurricane Irma relief efforts in late September. This team not only met immediate needs but also evaluated how we can respond with larger teams in the future, became more knowledgeable in case of our own local disaster, and was one of the first to respond, paving the way for future teams from all over the country.

Additionally, we have been able to send a significant financial gift to our partners at Christ’s Church to aid in the relief efforts of Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Harvey

Thank you to everyone that donated hygiene and clean up supplies during the month of September to be sent in partnership with Giving Children Hope to aid in the relief efforts of Hurricane Harvey. Because of your generosity we were able to give a truckload of needed items!

Prior to this, also thanks to faithful givers at Eastside, we were able to send a significant financial gift to our partners at New Hope Church to aid in disaster relief efforts with Hurricane Harvey.