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A new year! new beginnings.
new hopes. new opportunities.

A time to leave the past behind and RECALIBRATE… physically, relationally, mentally, but most importantly spiritually. Are you ready? Join us as we realign our most important personal dimensions. 2022 can be the best year of your life.


We can paint on a smile and play the image management games, but inside we all struggle with our thoughts, our stress, our confusion, our fears. So maybe it would do us all some good to honestly talk about it. To remove any stigma, any embarrassment, any “faking fine” and as a family open up some life-giving dialogue and invite God to meet us there. Join us on February 5/6 as we start our new series on mental health

get baptized

If you have recently decided to follow Jesus, water baptism is a great next step in your faith journey. It’s a significant moment that will serve as a reminder that the old is gone, God has saved you, and will be faithful to continue what He has started in your life.

join a small group

In a large church it can sometimes be difficult to get to know people. If you want to find people you can be real with, people who will walk alongside you through life's ups and downs, we invite you to join a small group and experience the life-transforming power of community.

gather at the grill

Here at Eastside, one of our favorite things to do is spend time with friends. One way we do that is by sharing a meal together. What better way to invite friends to church then grab a bite and talk about the service or just catch up. Bring your guest by Guest Central to pick up their free voucher for the grill. Then enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner - we have opened up a grill at every Eastside campus, just for this reason...so that you can create meaningful moments with friends and easily invite others to hear about Jesus with you!


Whether you're new to church or have been around awhile, your journey at Eastside begins at Next Steps. Join us for an interactive experience that happens the first 4-weeks of every month. Join us this weekend! For times and location please click on the "more info" button below.

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