TOGETHER let's unleash compassion

Join us in unleashing 5,000 acts of compassion in our neighborhoods and communities! When we reach outside our comfort zone God can use us in ways we’d never imagine. Discover how God will use you to bring hope to others! 

Make a difference! Decide how you’ll unleash compassion from the weekly drop down ideas below. Leave a “You are loved” card with anyone you serve to invite them to Eastside. For additional cards visit your campus or download here. Pin each act of compassion above. Visit your campus to see the interactive map display as we work to collectively unleash 5,000 acts of compassion!

MARCH 14 - 18


  • Mow their lawn
  • Walk their pets 
  • Babysit if appropriate
  • Carry their groceries
  • Bring in their trash cans 
  • Water their plants or tend to their garden
  • Assist with their home repairs 
  • Shovel snow or ice from their driveway or sidewalk
  • Purchase their groceries
  • Rally fellow neighbors to meet a critical need
  • Or meet another need!

Whether you’re meeting your neighbor for the first time or you know they are experiencing a loss, illness or difficult situation.

  • Share produce from your garden
  • Give a family a gift card for a night out
  • Encourage a teen in your life with a gift card to get a treat with their friends
  • Bring baked goods to a neighbor
  • Purchase or cut flowers to brighten someone’s day.
  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood or a nearby trail or park.
  • Research opportunities to keep your city clean.
  • Leave Treats for Your Delivery Person
  • pay for someone else’s meal or bill or groceries.
  • Lawn game tournament 
  • Front yard picnic 
  • Driveway bonfires and cocoa
  • Block party 
  • Scavenger hunt 
  • Backyard movie night

MARCH 21 - 27


  • Drop off a gift card, flowers or other small gift as appropriate

  • Self care items are also especially helpful

  • Give a special drink, snack, meal or a gift card for coffee
  • Food and coffee are always popular!
  • Write a note or use your creative skills to make a card for someone that has served as a helper in your life. Share your favorite quality of theirs or tell them what they have meant to you!
  • Have your child draw a picture of what their teacher/helper means to them
  • Pray for peace, rest, wisdom and renewed hope for those in helping professions
  • Ask a helper what supplies they are in need of and then meet the need 
  • Most requested by teachers are often new Expo white markers, erasers, reams of white paper, sanitizing wipes, tissues, prizes for students, or Amazon gift cards (but feel free to ask for specifics)
  • Common needs for school social workers and counselors include art supplies to use in sessions, fidget toys + stress balls, snacks to share with kids, and journals



Local partners have identified specific needs such as welcome home kits, hygiene kits, cold weather kits, etc. Check out Eastside Partner needs in: 


Choose an organization focused on a cause close to your heart! Activities can include distribution at food pantries, gardening, beautification, repairs, mentorship or check out some of these Eastside Partner’s needs:


Gather your crew and purchase and deliver new items from an organization’s wishlist. Consider your workplace, scout troop, classroom, small group, neighborhood or friends! 

Check out Eastside Partner needs in:


March 29th from 6pm-7:30pm (PT) Learn more about how to most effectively make a difference in a cause you are passionate about such as foster care, homelessness, mental health and more. You can attend in person at Eastside Christian Church in Anaheim, CA or watch via Zoom.  To register for either workshop please click HERE.

Many of our local partner organizations would love hand written notes of encouragement for the clients they serve.  Check out Eastside Partner needs in:


**Helpers are people in our lives and communities who give so much to others including educators, counselors, social workers, non-profit workers, medical professionals, janitors, foster parents and anyone in a helping profession.

and then don't forget to invite others to join you!
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Eastside Local Compassion is committed to serving the community and helping Eastsiders find their passion to serve. We aim to empower kids to thrive and bring hope to families by listening and learning from existing pillar organizations in the community, developing partnerships, identifying gaps in services and intentionally mobilizing people and resources.


Our dream is for Eastside to be a leader in finding solutions, building bridges, and bringing the love and hope of Jesus to hurting communities. We strive to inspire people to collectively influence transformational life change.


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