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Eastside is known for presenting the gospel and loving people in the most creative and innovative ways possible.  It’s known for developing the gifts within people and supporting them through the journey of discovering how God is calling them to use those in the service of others.

Our church is not a place. It’s not contained by any one address or city or country. Eastside is a community of believers with relentless love and commitment to using their lives to shed light in the darkest of places.  We yearn for all to know God. Because of this, we are seeking and praying for opportunities to serve communities that continue towards our goal of reaching 1% of the 5.8 million in a 20-mile radius of an Eastside campus.




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"Today we look to the future and to where God is calling us next. We know his call is beyond our scope of imagination, but I believe that he will do great things through the faithfulness of this community and I am expectant to see where that path will lead us next. Will you pray with me that we continue to trust in God as he provides the resources and opportunities to reach more people as we pursue him, build community and unleash compassion and that we will continue to have open hearts and ears to hear what he is saying to us?

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for being a part of this journey. I am excited to continue in this adventure with each of you as we blaze new trails to reach those in our communities."

Gene Appel
Here’s what we know – deep in the DNA of a dangerous church are these 3 distinctives:
Dangerous Love
dangerous sacrifices
dangerous prayers
Let’s Embody this vision through DANGEROUS LOVE.

We’re talking about intentionally loving and building relationships with family, and neighbors, and friends, and colleagues who are far from God. Remember the story Jesus told of the shepherd who had 99 sheep in the fold, but 1 was lost… and it says he left the 99 to do what?... To go after 1 LOST SHEEP. Deep in the DNA of Eastside is a core conviction that every lost sheep matters to God and as long as there is 1 person who needs Jesus, our mandate is to go on a search and rescue mission because God wants His house to be FULL.

We’re asking you to ask God to lead you to how you might resource this vision through DANGEROUS SACRIFICE.

This church has always advanced and stepped through open doors through the dangerous sacrifices of many. In launching our VISION 2025 fund, our prayer is for some of you anytime over the next 6 years you feel GOD leading you to make an OVER AND ABOVE gift beyond your regular giving to the VISION 2025 fund it will be used to help us OPEN AND LAUNCH new campuses, and EXPAND AND IMPROVE existing campuses. We’re not asking you to give to it, we really are asking you to just ASK GOD if you should. And if God leads some of you to give a gift between now and the end of the year, or anytime over the next 6 years, you can click the button at the bottom of this page and you will find an option to give to VISION 2025, or designate it on any check that you drop in a giving box on a campus.

Let’s undergird this vision through DANGEROUS PRAYERS.

Jesus said we are to leave the 99 who are already found, in order to go after the ONE. So could we ask you to make this quite personal and consider… who is THE ONE in your life that needs the hope of Jesus? Would you identify THE ONE and commit to praying for that person throughout this next season? We will join with you in that prayer - because we truly do believe that God hears your prayers for this person as well.