Moms in Need Receive Diapers, Indeed!

Over the past few weeks leading up to Eastside’s annual Serve Day, a drive for diapers and wipes has been commencing.  The recipients will be none other than moms in our community that are hard pressed in purchasing these everyday necessities to keep their little ones happy and comfortable.

Eastside partnered with organizations in our area to help moms like these in their journey as a parent with limited resources; Fristers is one such organization. Located in the middle of Orange County, Fristers focuses on embracing and empowering vulnerable families predominantly composed of teen moms that have minimal support in raising their babies.

Fristers comes alongside these young adults and offers encouragement, counseling and useful life skills as well as the supportive community they’re so desperately in need of.  In coming to Fristers, Jesus is introduced to these young parents, hope is introduced in a loving environment where vulnerability is welcomed and resources are abundant.

This drive has gifted parents such as the ones Fristers’ assists with 11,250 diaper changes, 11,250 moments filled with coos and giggles from contented youngsters and relief and gratitude from thankful parents. Thank you to each and every Eastsider who saw the need and gave generously to see these families in our community were properly taken care of!

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