The Domino Affect of Love

She is a 37 year old woman who likes clothing, accessories and makeup.  She works and has three sons and would enjoy movie tickets, makeup, body lotions and sprays or a gas card.

He is the 15 year old son of the 37 year old woman above. He likes clothes, learning English and cologne.  He also asked for movie tickets and fast food gift cards.

She is a 15 year old human trafficking survivor who is pregnant and due at the end of February. She is asking for a pair of UGG-style boot (size 5), and a baby blanket.  She is having a girl.

She is a 25 year old who likes colorful things.  She would appreciate a scarf and beanie for the cooler weather and loves fruity scented lotion.  She also loves to go to McDonalds.

These are the four wish lists that Annette and her small group fulfilled recently in partnership with Eastside’s Adopt Someone for Christmas program.

“Adoption” can be interpreted with a number of meanings: ushering in a child or even a pet into your family, taking responsibility for a project at work or volunteering your time to mentor someone in a previous life stage, etc. But at Christmas at Eastside “adoption” is in the form of wish lists being fulfilled for our neighbors in need, and Annette is one Change Maker who is making waves in this area of our community.

At the conclusion of last year, Annette rallied her coworkers to sponsor one such list.  The result was overwhelming as the same people who surround her on a daily basis at work jumped at the opportunity to serve! They worked together to supply every request on the list so that someone else’s needs would be filled last Christmas.

Annette didn’t stop at encouraging her fellow employees, however; this year she decided to turn her attention to her small group by encouraging her immediate community to adopt a few lists in support of the greater community.  The courage and motivation of this one woman has resulted in multiple individuals and families being touched with love and special attention the past two years.

In addition to helping with the specific requests from the scenarios they received, Annette’s small group offered to supply the means to throw a baby shower in support the 15 year old survivor expecting her first child in February.  Eastside’s Local Compassion Department is thrilled to receive this additional gift and shower this young woman with encouragement and celebration of her firstborn!

We are so thankful for Annette’s heart for including her circle of friends and family in serving those around them! Thank you for your care and support of your community Annette! We are so grateful.

Visit for a list of ways you can currently help those in need.