A Place to Call Home

Storyteller: Arty VanGeloof

Most likely you have never met or heard of Pancho, Griselda and their two young children, Angel and Michelle. Yet, they know you. They know that you are generous, loving and compassionate. They have prayed for you for many years. This is their story…

Pancho and Griselda live in Mexico. Pancho works as a gas station attendant and Griselda, his wife, works at a nearby medical facility as a housekeeper. They lived in a run-down, 60 year old trailer that had no running water, bathroom, kitchen, or working front door, however, they still felt blessed to have a roof over their heads.

Pancho and Griselda went to work each day with humble smiles while their children studied hard in school in pursuit of attending a University. They prayed that God would continue to bless their family and to one day, own a home. For the past 10 years, they prayed this. They knew God would answer their prayers, but they did not know how or when. This is where you came in.

2016 was the year that Eastside focused their Beyond Border Compassion efforts on Mexico. Arty VanGeloof, Jeff Swaney and the Compassion team felt compelled to reach out farther into the community of Rosarito. The plan was laid out to arrange compassion trips and build 3 homes to be given to families in need. Pancho and Griselda’s prayers were answered when they were told that their family was chosen to receive one of these homes. Both parents giggled uncontrollably with excitement and gratitude upon receiving the good news. With the help of Eastsiders, the walls were constructed in Anaheim and then transported to Rosarito to finalize assembly equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and divided rooms.

One quiet evening in Rosarito, Arty sat outside of his RV on top of a hill. The quiet was interrupted by music coming from a truck that was transporting water to local homes. The truck had stopped at the bottom of the hill at the new home of Pancho and Griselda. Arty heard a familiar giggle and he knew Pancho and Griselda were there greeting the delivery man. Arty could only imagine what they were talking about and he let out a chuckle himself. When the water container of their home was filled, the delivery man drove away and it was quiet once again. As Pancho walked on his door steps, he paused at the threshold, humbly smiled and thanked God for using His people to answer prayers and, with joyful tears, Pancho closed and locked the door behind him.

It was through you that God answered the prayers of Pancho and his family. As it is said in Hebrews 6:10

“…He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them.”

We must continue to help. How can you help answer the unanswered prayers of others?

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